Fleur Zanna

Singer-Songwriter / Creative / Renaissance Man


About Fleur

A self-proclaimed renaissance man, Fleur’s heart lies in the pursuit of lifelong learning. It is this pursuit that lead Fleur to the piano in her adult years. 

Fleur’s performance journey began at a young age where their love for song and dance shone brightly through youth and community theatre productions. But no matter how hard they tried to shake it, the inimitable power of song followed Fleur into adulthood.

Today, Fleur harnesses the power of music to help her unwaveringly embrace the oftentimes challenging reality of life with mental illness. And as a thank you to all of the songs that have kept them company through every phase of their existence, Fleur now writes their own.

Very much at the beginning of their musical journey, Fleur looks forward to growing and evolving as a musician while they grow and evolve as a person. They only hope that the songs they write can accompany others through their lives – be that the highs, lows or in-betweens – as the music of Fleur’s heroes has always done for them. 

Fleur Zanna

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