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Courtney Pine

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Jazz legend, Courtney Pine CBE, has performed his unique and infectious music across the globe. Audiences from Australia to his hometown of London have enjoyed his soulful tunes, undeniable charm and impeccable technique. This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Pine perform in his own neighbourhood, accompanied by his world class band.

There is nothing quite like jazz. Every time a song is played each musician improvises something entirely different using the general theme of that particular piece of music. When watching such skilled performers it’s easy to forget that they don’t even know what’s going to happen next. They sense the vibes of the room and the other musicians and then, guided by their instincts, play what feels right. More often than not the result is magical.

This incredible group of musicians created an original show that reminded me of a few truths. Nothing is set in stone and rarely does anyone know what is going to happen next. Instead of trying to predict the future and force something that may never be certain, have faith in all of the hard work you’ve put in thus far and let yourself be free to live the life you deserve, in the moment. Just like jazz.

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