The Fight For Love
Sheila, Supporting
Ink Media Productions
Hot Tub – Short Film
Chelsey, Lead
Dir. Holden Weihs
She Said, She Said - Short Film
Jackie, Lead
Dir. Sean Golden
Far Out - Short Film
Dylan, Lead
Dir. Lindsay Heiman
We've Met Before - USC Film
Sam, Lead
Sophia Zhu

New Media

Life as a Mermaid S3
Beatrice, Lead
Validus Productions
Witchaven P.I.
Emilia, Lead
Validus Productions


Shakespeare In Love – Kate / Ensemble
South Coast Repertory
Marc Masterson
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Hippolyta
American Academy Theater
Dir. Ian Ogilvy
Living Out – Sandra
American Academy Theater
Dir. Judith Bohannon
Love / Sick – Kelly
American Academy Theater
Dir. Carl Reggiardo
Stags and Hens – Linda
American Academy Theater
Dir. Ian Ogilvy
Becoming Memories – Ida
American Academy Theater
Dir. Amir Korangy
North Shore Fish – Josie
American Academy Theater
Dir. Tim Landfield
Oklahoma! - Dream Laurey
Winston Churchill Theater
Dir. Amber Dye
Into the Woods – Sleeping Beauty
Winston Churchill Theater
Dir. Julia Rufey


Graduate with Advanced Actor Training
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles


Audition Technique
Joanne Denaut CSA
Camera Technique
Steven Culp
Greg Atkins
Matthew Arkin
Hisa Takakuwa
Chekhov Technique
Hal Landon
Stunt Training:
Sword Fights Inc with Brian Danner

Special Skills

Vocal Range; Mezzo-soprano – advanced, Dance; Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, (Intermediate), Sword Fighting (Broad Sword, Theatrical Sabre, Quarter Staff) Hand to hand combat, Sailing (RYA Pico, Lazer), Skiing (Intermediate), UK passport, Swimming, Mirror writing, Hiking, Accents and Dialects; General American, Australian, Scottish, Received Pronunciation British, London Estuary, Lancashire England, Violin (Beginner), Guitar (Beginner), Still Life Art

Fleur Zanna

Let's work together

In addition to actively creating my own content in collaboration with my fellow filmmakers, I am constantly seeking opportunities to be a part of new and exciting theatrical projects. If you are looking to work with someone passionate, fun, reliable and extremely hardworking, get in touch!