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The Gypsy Shack

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The Gypsy Shack polaroids

A collection of polaroids taken throughout the shoot. Anyone else think polaroid cameras are fantastic?!

This week I participated in my first meet-up between models and photographers, organised by The Gypsy Shack collective. TGS serves as a collaboration hub for creatives to come together to share knowledge, trade services and create content.

We met up in an incredible loft in Downtown LA. This loft was the absolute height of style and provided us with an absolutely stunning shooting location with endless character and striking charm.

I am by no means a model but, as the industry changes and social media becomes such a force to be reckoned with, all performers are having to adapt to the new technological landscape.

As this was my first meet-up of this nature I felt some nerves leading up to the event itself. Thankfully, upon arrival we were met by the founder and CEO of the TGS collective, Alex Morehouse, whose undeniable charm and energy put most of my worries to rest and the remainder of the afternoon was a buzz of productivity and creativity like I have never experienced before. I was honoured to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring photographers and models. I cannot wait to see the photos!

You can find out more about TGS collective at tgscollective.com and on their Instagram @tgscollective  🙂

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